About Us

Before we go any further it’s important to know that we both love whisky and the added value of handmade craft spirits.

Nienke Oostra: I studied philosophy and soon after graduation I decided to focus on a different kind of spirit. In 2015 I founded my own label that I have been distilling for in the Netherlands, Norway and Germany. My creative spirits are a cross-over between gin and whisky. Coming from the Netherlands, a country with an incredibly rich but mostly forgotten distilling tradition, I was able to learn a very wide range of techniques. With odds and evens I want to focus on whisky more in depth; fermentation, grains, copper stills and of course the barrels.

Gearóid O’Callaghan: I used to be an architect but have always worked behind some kind of counter and somewhere along the lines I fell in love with my national drink. Nowadays I’m a whisky expert, educator, public speaker and consultant who also organises whisky themed events for my own labels and well known big brands. I have worked in the UK, the Netherlands, Ireland and Germany and over time have realised the importance of the international nature of the spirit. It might be my home country’s national drink but at it’s core it’s a global product.

We distil in the Netherlands and our base and barrel house are in Hamburg. On distilling days we travel to Deventer and rent space from the Wagging Finger distillery. We use our barrel house in Hamburg for storage, blending and bottling.