It’s simple you buy a bottle of hand crafted single batch whisky. The only thing that’s different is this:
 When you order a bottle of whisky we’ll deliver it to you in two stages: the first bottle you’ll receive is the clear spirit called new make in a 125ml bottle. You can do whatever you like with this, drink it, keep it, gift it whatever, its yours. The rest of the bottle will be put into an ex-bourbon blood tub cask to mature in our tax free zone and bonding room in Hamburg. In approximately three years you will receive the whisky fully matured and ready to drink in a 5ooml Bottle. The new make spirit and the whisky are exactly the same, from the same batch distilled on the same day and the batches are hugely limited. The only difference is the time in the barrel. We have chosen a spirit and a barrel type that will deliver a completely matured spirit in around three years, so no need to wait for decades. If you are in hamburg then feel free to contact us and if possible you can come and see your whisky being fantastic in the barrel.